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Gbolagade Adetunji (Prof. Fiverr)

Dear Cousin,

This is without doubt the craziest deal I have ever put together and it's exclusively only available to my old/new subscribers.  You will never see this page again with an incredible 7 top quality products.  You will simply never have to buy another product again!

If you were to purchase each of these product separately you would have to spend over N114,500.

And remember each product is among my list of top performing products that has made many of my subscribers attained online financial freedom. Several hundreds of my subscribers now conveniently generate extra N50,000 - N200,000 monthly using any of my information products.

Here you are having access to all my products at a giveaway price.

It's VALENTINE period...

I am doing this to show my appreciation to the Almighty God for his LOVE and blessings upon my life in 2014. What more can i say...

2014, I was nominated among the best Internet Marketer of the year by American Internet Business School.


2014, God gave me a great jeep in addition to the car i have before

I trust my Naija people. I need no give room for doubts. Someone might think i merely took a snapshot with someone else' car... Check out my facebook wall and you will see this is obviously real.



2014, God again did something remarkable. He created a shelter for me. Now in an advanced stage.

And the interior is as beautiful as the exterior. You may want to catch a glimpse of what's in there...

I guess you now see the reason why i am praising God and wish to extend my God's praising  and love sharing to my Subscribers to show that my appreciation is a deep one straight from my heart.



The bottom line is that this is an offer you simply cannot miss...



Product #1


Value: N7,000

This is a newly created course to improve on the course i have been selling since 2012 and has created several dozens of fiverr millionaires in Nigeria. It sells for N7,000 on 




Product #2

Complete Video Training Course on Information Marketing

Value: N10,000

 Do not be deceived, information marketing is the only business that you have total control of as an online business person. It's the only business that will take you less than N20,000 to start off and generate between N50,000 - N300,000 monthly.

Personally, i generate over N800,000 monthly with information marketing biz.

Product #3

$1000 from Adsense in Nigeria

Value: N7,500

  The only time I taught about google adsense, I showed how to create a blog and integrate adsense to it like my I sold this video guide for N10,000 only back then. Adsense check will be sent down to you in Nigeria from USA to cash your earnings.


Product #4

A-z of Importation Biz guide

Value: N6,500

Importation biz single handedly generated me over N2,000,000 in 2014.

Importation business is what i do recommend to anyone who approaches me and ask for the easiest internet business to do and start seeing result sharply. This comprehensive guide teaches how to start importing goods from China, UK, Usa etc at cheap prices and sell for good profit in Nigeria. You need no marketing skill to do this coz i did a great job in this guide. It sells for N6,500 at


Product #5


Value: N6,500

This teaches on how to easily generate between N20,000 - N50,000 weekly predicting football matches' winners on Nairabet and other football betting websites. In 2014, i have generated over N1,000,000 from football betting. It sells for N6,500  at

Product #6

20 Materials in Online Freelance Jobs

Value: N70,000

The collection is worth over N70,000 in value. These are fiverr money making materials created by foreign colleagues and Mentors. They are exactly what i studied before I became expert in fiverr money making and made N8,000,000 in just 3years from Fiverr. I am giving you my Library of Fiverr money making...


Product #7

How to Design A Website in 30 Minutes

Value: N7000

  All my websites, i personally design them. Just like this website you are on, it took me less than 1hour to create it. I will give you the software to use as well as the complete tutorial on how to go about it. Some people pay between N20,000 - N50,000 to get simple website like this setup for them. Learn to do it!


"OK Prof. Fiverr, yeah this is an absolutely insane deal..."

Now you're probably wondering how much I'm going to charge for 6 top notch products with a retail value of more than N114,500?  I could easily charge N57,250(half the price) and still sell a boat load of these packages but I wanted to make it affordable for everyone and give you everything you could possibly need to succeed online.

That's why for a limited time only, you can gain access to everything above for just a small one time payment of



Now Just 


(OFFER closes on February 27th, 2015)


How To Order Today

You can pay ONLINE right now using your ATM CARD



If the instant payment option above doesn't work, use the option below.


STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile transfer of N8,500 into any of the banks below. The account details are:

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Silverplatter Solutions
Account Number: 0040128749

Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank
Account Name: Gbolagade Adetunji
Account Number: 0131061719

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria Plc
Account Name: Gbolagade Adetunji
Account Number: 3029054434

STEP 2 - After payments, kindly send an email to with the subject "val OFFER". In the mail, specify your;

1. PHONE NUMBER (very important),

3. YOUR FULL DELIVERY ADDRESS, ( This is necessary because this package will be on CD format and will be sent physically to the address. I use EMS courier,  or Public Transport Drivers to deliver to where ever you live in Nigeria)


PS: Delivery address should come in easy to track forms like:

Mr. Gbolagade Adetunji, No 25, Adegoke Lawal Street, New Ife road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Mr Samuel Smith, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Jos, Jos, Plateau State.


You will have this one chance to get all 7 products at a ridiculously
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That's getting them for less than one thousand five hundred
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It's impossible not to make money on them!


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PSS. At only N8,500 for all 7 top quality products, this is a virtual steal at less than one thousand five hundred naira each.  It's easy to make a killing if you can get your inventory at one thousand five hundred naira! Once I sell out on this offer, it will return to the regular price of N114,500